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So far I have had only one suggestion of a topic, and it is from my brother-in-law Rusty.  Fine. Rusty, what did you have in mind? How is a truly interesting conversation on spelling possible? Did you mean that there is some sort of controversy around possible spellings of different words?  Please enlighten me, because I am doing my best to argue over this topic, but since I am not that interested in it, I am having trouble.  Apparently I incorrectly spelled “obscenity” on my first post and spelled it “obsenity.”   In my defense, I had just driven straight through from South Carolina with a screaming baby and an eight month old.  I mean my wife and son, I mean, my wife and my screaming eight month old baby son. Except he wasn’t really screaming…geez, I hope my wife doesn’t read this.  Just kidding.  Anyway, I had just driven straight from S.C. and was pretty tired, when out of nowhere I decided to create a blog and post something for the very first time.

As I said, so far no topics. If there are no topics by this weekend, I have a very controversial one picked out.  I have decided for a format of this thing I will just tell you my opinion on a subject, let the vultures rip me to shreds, then resurrect and with candor and wit destroy all my opponents arguments.  Let’s see how that goes.

My first topic unless otherwise suggested:  Can a Christian be living like Christ and still be a Democrat/Liberal? Specifically socially.  That’ll fire some people up.

  1. Nathan H. says:

    So, I got a topic. As you know I’ve been raised in the Baptist community the majority of my life. Lately, my logic has overruled my faith. No, this is not an invitation for intervention, but I’ve been wanting to banter with someone of moderately high intelligence about some of my questions. All answers I’ve gotten thus far have been cop outs such as, “Look at it this way, if you believe and you’re wrong then it didn’t matter. But if you don’t believe and you are wrong, you’re in trouble.” or the age old, “You just have to have faith.” Faith is difficult for me. I’m too black and white, it is or it isn’t to just accept that I have to revert to a 5 year old and make believe. As an avid poker play I know not to go All In unless you have reason to. I have trouble turning my back on physical fact in order to believe a fuzzy, possibly false, sense of security in something I can see, feel, touch, or even hold a conversation with. The whole idea of prayer is you talking to yourself. The only thing that changes is some have “faith” so their prayers are conversations with the divinity. Since I’ve gotten older the entire religious belief system seems like voluntary ignorance. No one seems to be able to back anything up without some obscure passage that five different people will interpret 5 different ways on 100 different subjects. It gives me the impression of water. It can flex fluidly but the thing with water is if it has no container (In this case someone to believe in it) it falls flat. I can’t become a container because one person will have green water (just meaning they believe one thing) and the next self proclaimed christian has yellow, and the one after him has blue. It’s all way too flexible and like we learned in Comp. I, only one resource, no matter how credible, is not enough to make a good paper. So if one source won’t make a good enough paper to get me through Comp. I, how am I supposed to believe it’ll be my eternal salvation? A Muslim would say it’s my eternal damnation. See my predicament? Oh, on a side note, since you love this religion stuff, try starting a topic on the Gospel of Judas recently discovered that depicts a different view on the story of Jesus. Well, there’s my rant. I guess there were only a couple questions but I’m sure I can come up with more.

  2. Nathan H. says:

    I don’t believe you can prove whether someone is or is not a christian, liberal or otherwise. Most denominations claim their beliefs are correct, namely the Church of Christ, but through my experiences I’ve seen secular mindsets from just about any and every christian. That’s not the problem though. There is no clear cut line between being a christian or not. It’s all one massive grey area. Everyone has their faults and all churches have different requirements to becoming a socially accepted christian. So if there are no clear cut boundaries then how are there supposed to be any clear cut christians?

    • larrywalkeriii says:

      Hey Nathan!
      I think there is a degree where we can prove whether someone is a christian, at least to some extent. You can tell people by their fruits. If one’s life does not exhibit fruits of the Spirit, or if they deny Christ, that is a good proof of unbelief. I’m curious how you define “secular” when you say you’ve “seen secular mindsets from just about any and every christian.” I wonder if I am included in that since you said the word “every.” I would have to disagree about it being a massive grey area. As I stated earlier, there is a kind of litmus test to see if you are “in the faith.” I am not interested in what other churches or frankly any church has as a requirement for becoming a “socially accepted” “christian.” I am solely concerned in Scripture and what it says to define what a Christian is. Therefore your final question is moot because it presupposes that there are no clear cut boundaries to define a Christian and therefore no clear cut Christians.

      The last thing I wished to comment on was your statement about denominations claiming that their specific beliefs are correct. And as with your previous comment, it all goes back to the validity and authority of scripture. I may claim tomorrow that you have to wear a purple sweater and run five laps around the block singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in order to be saved, but who cares what I say?(I don’t believe that by the way.) What matters is what does the Bible say. So in order for us to determine what is truth, we must go to ultimate truth, the Bible. So, to be a strict Biblicist, as I am, I must openly disagree with those who wish to distort the truth and spread false teaching throughout the church. The argument only arise when false teaching comes in.

      You and I have already spoken about many of these things already, I just wanted to post my thoughts on it here.

      See you later Nathan, and thanks for the good post.
      By the way, keep practicing and maybe you’ll beat me someday…you know what I mean.

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