Happy Sunday!

Posted: May 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hello Everyone(whoever “Everyone” may be, I am not sure…)!

If you are reading this, I’m glad to have you.  Today I went to church and heard an awesome sermon by my Pastor, Caleb, from Titus 3 about the Holy Spirit.  It was wonderful and insightful.  One of his points was that in the Reformed community we seem sometimes ignorant to the place of the Holy Spirit and we seem to think that only an unsound denomination like Pentecostal or Charismatics have some understanding of the Third Person of the Trinity.  In fact, Calvin had plenty to say on the Holy Spirit as did St. Augustine.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good Sunday.  I wanted to post something from a friend of mine named Beau.  Beau lives in Pennsylvania and is a youth pastor.  I affectionately call him “Bishop Beauregard” in all matters pertaining to Theology.  I am posting his Sunday school lesson.  It is in note form, but I believe you can definitely glean from it what he was trying to convey, and maybe spur you on to read through Galatians yourself.  Beau is one of the most intelligent, articulate, and by far theologically sound people I know.  After reading this, please take a moment and pray for Beau’s ministry and him personally! Again, have a Happy Sunday!


    1. Galatians

Galatians is a letter to the churches of Galatia in a response to false teachers who were attempting to add to the gospel. They were bringing into question both Paul as a messenger and his message of Faith alone in Christ alone. They were saying that Paul had no authority to preach and that his message was flawed, that the Gentiles had to be circumcised in order to be saved to which Paul vehemently disagreed. He felt that if you added circumcision to the gospel than you were attacking the very heart of the Christian faith and that is sufficiency in Christ alone. If we attempt to add anything to Justification then we are in essence saying that the work of Christ wasn’t enough. The work of Christ was enough to both makes us right with God and to give us new life. So in the letter of Galatians we not only have a statement of our faith but also a defense of Paul’s ministry and the effects the gospel has on our life.

      1. Intro (1:1-11)
      2. Defense of the Messenger (1:12-2:21)
        1. Authority
        2. Integrity
      3. Defense of the Message (Gal 3-4)
        1. Justification by Faith alone
      4. Defense of Our Liberty
        1. The Effects of the Gospel on our Lives (Gal 5-6)

Why Study Galatians

    1. Galatians is a foundational book in understanding Paul’s message of the gospel
    2. Galatians is a mini Romans
      1. Although Galatians is an occasional book (responding to a certain issue in the Galatian you see Paul formulate a lot of his foundational doctrines like Romans
      2. Galatians is a much smaller and easier book to handle
    3. Galatians will help us embrace a thoroughly biblical Christian world view (how we see, interpret and react to the world)

How to Study Galatians

    1. Through a systematic study
      1. Systematize bible study
      2. Methodical approach
    2. Through a grammatical-historical approach
      1. We want to understand a passage in its context
      2. We want to pay close attention to the grammar
        1. Structure
        2. Words
      3. We want to pay close attention to the historical situation in which the book was written and the people to which is was written
    3. Through a literal hermeneutic
      1. We want to find the A.I.M. (Author’s Intended Meaning)

Our first step in this process is to read the book of Galatians as a whole. Getting the feel of the letter as it was intended. We must remember that even though we may compartmentalize the scriptures (by reading certain verses in isolation to the surrounding context) Paul’s audience would have read and understood Galatians as a whole letter. A letter has an introduction, body and conclusion, each part building on and depending on its context to make sense. With that said take each day to read through the book in its entirety.

  1. Rusty says:

    I also enjoyed Caleb’s sermon this morning on the Holy Spirit. It struck me as I was listening to him explain from Titus 3 the role of the Holy Spirit in salvation in the renewal of our hearts that this must be what people mean when they say the phrase, “…Jesus in my heart…”. At least in the south I always heard phrases like, “I have Jesus in my heart” and “ask Jesus into your heart” (and yes, there’s plenty more problems with this one that we won’t go into here). Trying to figure out what in world that’s supposed to mean has frustrated me many times. I think those people should listen to Caleb’s sermon because it strikes me that what he said today from Titus 3 is what they should mean when they throw that phrase around. It was like a moment of clarity this morning finally realizing what these people may mean when they say that. I wonder if what Caleb said today is what people that use that term often times actually mean? And if so, why don’t they say it more like that? It makes so much more sense.

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