From the Pulpit of Bishop Beauregard

Posted: June 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Happy Lord’s Day Again Everyone! I have for you the second lesson in the series on Galatians by my friend Beauregard.  Enjoy it!

Hermeneutics is defined as the art and science of interpretation. When it is applied to the Bible it becomes the art and science of interpreting the bible. Hermeneutics is a science because we apply a certain method (or series of steps) every time we approach it. At the very basic level that method is asking questions of the text in order to derive the author’s intended meaning (what the author originally and intentionally meant). The art of hermeneutics is asking the right questions and finding accurate and substantial answers to those questions. The problem with Christian’s today when they approach bible study or interpretation is that, one they are not trying to find the author’s meaning but what they “think” it means and two they ask really poor questions and find really poor answers. My old pastor always said, “every one is a theologian (or interpreter of the bible) the question is, are you a good or bad one”. Unfortunately we have a lot of bad theologians because they are not asking the right questions. Through this study of Galatians I want you to, as you read, be asking questions of the text. Bring a journal along with you and write down your questions and then try and find a good substantial answer to those questions. I have supplied some questions that I have asked in order to help you with the process. I encourage you to read the section we are studying answer the questions, ask some of your own and then write a summary paragraph of what you have learned and the effect that truth will have on your life.

Galatians 1:6-9

Study questions:

    1. In every other epistle after the intro (1-5) Paul goes on to pray for the recipients or to praise and thank God for them. How does this epistle differ?
    1. What does that say about the importance of Paul’s material?
    1. Why is Paul so astonished that the Galatians would turn to a different gospel?
    1. What is the consequence of preaching a different gospel? Is the gospel you preach faithful to that of the Apostle’s?
    1. Why is deserting the gospel the same as deserting Christ?
    1. How did the Judaizers distort the gospel? (Gal 2:15-16, 3:1-6, 10-14)

Paul begins the epistle to the Galatians with an exclamation of his astonishment. There is no pause for reflection on the kindness of God extending his grace to the Galatians in the salvation of there souls. There is no prayer for exceeding love and continued steadfastness for the Galatians believers, just astonishment that they have forsaken the Lord Jesus Christ himself. I find it quite interesting that Paul labels their abandonment of the truth of the gospel as an abandonment of Christ himself. This tells me that the gospel is so much more then a body of organized facts concerning Christ but that the gospel is the person of Christ himself. When we share the gospel with those unbelieving have we turned the gospel in to nothing more then intellectual facts of monotonous religion? Or is it a plea with a rebellious people to return to a gracious and sovereign savior? Jesus Christ is the gospel! When we start to add to the gospel anything other then a Sovereign Savior who has died as a substitute for our sin then we have preached another gospel.


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