Haiti Relief

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

It has been almost a month now since the earthquake devastated Haiti, and the country is in a terrible state of chaos and instability.  There have been 230,000 people so far, that we know of.  The number of missing is horribly high, and it seems as though there is no hope for this country.  Today I was thinking about a lecture I heard a month or so ago by Tim Keller on the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire.  He explains how a plague his Rome, and many people were dying.  Most Romans who were well fled, leaving the sick to die without care.  Thousands of Christians stayed to care for the sick, and nursed them back to health at the cost of their own lives.  They literally traded the life of the sick for their own.  This was used by God for the spread of the Gospel in the Roman Empire, because Romans saw Christians living out what they believed and spoke of.

I wonder if we are doing the same with Haiti?

Now, granted, there are many Christian organizations that have gone to Haiti and are helping as much as they can.  But, what have YOU done?  What have I done?

On Sunday we had people over to watch the Super…you know, that event where Manning was tied up and gagged in the locker room and Painter came out in a Manning uniform.  I am now referring to that event as “That Which Shall Not Be Named”.  A bit of Voldemort vernacular there.  Well, anyway, we were watching T.W.S.N.B.N. at my apartment with some family and friends.  A commercial came on about donating $10 to the Red Cross if you text “HAITI” to 90999, and I mentioned that everyone should do that.  Most everyone got this glazed look in their eyes, as if I just asked them to donate a kidney or something!  It’s TEN dollars! We spent more than that on pizza that day!  In defense of the people at this party, I have gotten that look from almost everyone who I have mentioned this to, if that is any defense at all.  Here we are in the wealthiest country IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD with clean water, an abundance of food, medical care, and we are begrudging a starving, devastated nation $10?!  That is literally a drop in the bucket to most Americans.  This coming from a guy who claimed less than most Americans on my taxes for 2009.  And it is a drop in the bucket to me.  $20 is a drop in the bucket.

I want to issue a bit of a challenge to whoever may read this.  Tax time is coming up.  Which means a tax return for some.  If you are getting a tax return, I challenge you to set aside a portion of it to donate to a worthy organization for relief to Haiti.  Are we going to be like the Christians in Rome who radically show love in a supernatural way that leads to an overwhelming revival, or are we going to be typical American Christians, who are more American than Christian.

I am posting a link from foxnews.com with a list of safe organizations to donate to Haiti’s relief.  I urge you to make a sacrifice and love your neighbor as yourself.


  1. Dave Hardin says:

    You make a great point in regards to the status of our country, and to how $10 is truly a drop in the bucket. I did not know about the history of the plague in Rome, and how God used His people to demonstrate His love to those in need. Thanks for sharing that info. There is a really good sermon/video by Marck Driscoll about his experience in travelling to Haiti with pastor James McDonald shortly after the earthquake hit. This video can be seen on the website of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Driscoll brings about a great point that not only do we have a responsibility to help those in need during this time of crisis, but that we also have a responsibility to the Church in Haiti during this time as well.
    I didn’t take a look at the recommended aid sites, but I do know that there is a Christian agency right here in Charleston (Water Missions International) that provides fresh water to those in need. Right now water is even more valuable than money to many Haitians, and any donation to this agency can literally be a drop in the bucket or the mouth, etc.
    In the Bible God says that it is better to give than to receive. God designed us in such a way that there is an inherent benefit to us when we give freely to others. There is something special about giving to others that actually makes our lives better for it. This is truly a win-win situation as others benefit from that which we give, and we also benefit in experiencing life in its truest form as God has designed it. In other words, when we freely give we have the privilege of demonstrating the character of God himself, and thus He is glorified through our giving. After all, God gave freely to us. Although His giving was much much more than just a drop in the bucket. If you want to find out more about this idea just listen to about any sermon by John Piper from Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Mn.

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