Mark Driscoll on “Avatar”

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Alright, I have heard lots of critiques on the movie “Avatar”, but I have to say, Mark Driscoll’s is the most scriptural. For the most part I have heard the Conservative/Patriotic argument that “Avatar” is a bad movie because in it we are cheering against the United States military and their ultimate defeat.  My problem with this is, in the movie they are portrayed as evil, and what they do is evil. And, frankly, what they do is not so far out of the reach of the imagination, considering it is EXACTLY what they did to the Native American tribes when they arrived in America.  The idea of the U.S. trying to take over a country for it’s resources does not blow my mind, and in that sense, I see no problem having peace in their defeat.  Driscoll’s critique, though, hits something far deeper and far more scriptural.  Here is the video:


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