The Emergent Church

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

If you’ve ever wondered what the Emergent church(not to be confused with Emerging, the movement Mark Driscoll is associated with) is all about, here are some clips that might help you see how heretical and asinine their beliefs are:

Brian McLaren Sings About the Unknown God from Acts 17:23

Would someone please send Brian McLaren a Bible. That poor man thinks God is a big unknowable mystery. But, the Bible is God’s revelation about Himself and it reveals sooooo much good and knowable stuff about God. Sure no one can comprehend all that God is BUT the truth remains that we CAN comprehend what He’s revealed about Himself in His Word.

Rather than singing about knowing nothing about God maybe McLaren can sing about the great truths revealed in scripture.

Emergent Distractions Away From The Gospel

Once you jettison Sola Scriptura and redefine the gospel like the Emergent Church has, then you will be “tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes (Eph 4:14).”

Now the Emergent Church is encouraging churches to atone for their environmental sins by reducing their carbon footprint so that they can do their part to fighting man-made global warming.

McLaren’s Attack Against the Doctrines of Hell and the Substitionary Atonement

  1. That Liberal says:

    In your next post, at the end of the video it quotes II Timothy 4:3-4, mentioning peoples itching ears. I thought it was funny that one of the book forwards was written by someone called Phyllis Tickle. Just funny…

  2. That Liberal says:

    Incidentally, I’m for church’s reducing their carbon footprints. I think that we can sin against God by being irresponsible toward the environment.

    The Emergent Church is wacky, there is absolutely no doubt about it, but there is nothing wrong (and I would argue that they are doing the right thing) with encouraging individuals and church’s to be ecologically responsible. If you want to reject man-made Global Warming, that’s totally fine, but to subdue the earth does not mean to destroy the earth, and I believe that it is poor stewardship to not take care of the land that God has given us.

    I would say that there is even a slightly larger issue here. We scoff at the Emergent Church, Joel Osteen, the United Methodists, the PCUSA, the Catholic Church, and the Unitarians. That’s fine in lots of ways. Correct them on their view of Scripture, their view of Christ, their view on Hell and all of the other things that they are doing wrong. But the fact is, they are doing a lot of things right as well (maybe not all of them, but some of them). Many of them appear to care for people much more deeply than the most Orthodox of churches. Many of them aren’t afraid to stand up for Social Justice. Many of them provide for the poor, the sick, and the outcast while good Reformed churches insist that those people need to pull themselves up by their own boot-straps.

    We may not need to give them accolades for their more attuned social consciences, they could be pursuing those things for all the wrong reasons, but I definitely think we should try to avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater. We should be on the lookout for things that they are doing better than us and try to assimilate those into our own thinking and goals. I for one think that the reduction of our carbon footprint is a positive thing.

    Anyway, you asked for comments, so there ya go.

    • larrywalkeriii says:

      Hey Man!Thanks for the comments, I do appreciate them. Well, you know what I think about the carbon thing. Total crap. Junk science, nothing to support it. And just one more thing to deter people from the gospel. I think there are better, more biblical ways to steward the earth that actually have some science supporting them.

      I do think, though, that we need to be careful in how we classify some. I believe that the majority of these people, Osteen and the Emergent Church, are not saved. They are false teachers and heretics, and should be treated with all the verbal violence that scripture treats them with. They are wolves, who come under the guise of being shepherds, give food to the poor, do social good, and send people marching blindly to Hell. I would be much quicker to point out what private agencies such as the red cross, or even what Hollywood stars do like Brad Pitt’s “Make it Right” which aides Katrina victims, as shaming to us.

      Driscoll has this excellent sermon that he preached at a Desiring God conference where he discusses harsh language, and overall, how we should treat the different groups of people described in scripture. I will actually just post the whole text above as a separate blog post right now.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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