Where I am on baptism

Posted: March 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have been studying the issue of creedo vs. paedo baptism since we moved here.  From the time I was saved, I have been a very devout Baptist.  I was fully convinced of my position. Until recently.

In my studying over the year and a half I have read both sides of the argument, from John Gills book “Infant Baptism:Part and Pillar of Popery” to a very obscure book by a Presbyterian minister called “William the Baptist”.  I have read five views on Baptism, three views on baptism, etc.

And I have landed right in the middle.

I finally see the Biblical argument for Paedo baptism, which I did not see before.  My trouble is that I seem to have concluded that both arguments are equally valid, and that your presuppositions or your formal or informal teaching has lead you to be Baptistic or Presbyterian.  I am equally convinced of both, so now what do I do?

I have heard of a guy (he is reformed) who believes that you should do both, and I want to hear his argument.  But, the more I delve into Covenant theology, the more I see the Paedo baptist perspective from scripture…

  1. BradleyT says:

    “and that your presuppositions or your formal or informal teaching has lead you to be Baptistic or Presbyterian.”
    Hate to disagree with you Larry but that certainly is not my case. When I first started attending a Presbyterian church, I told my wife 2 things. “You will NEVER convince me that sprinkling is an acceptable mode of baptism, and you will NEVER convince me to have my kids baptized.”

    This business of “Popery” is just hogwash. The Reformers were having their tongues cut out and being burned at the stake over transubstantiation, relics, praying to saints, etc, but were so in love with Rome that they just couldn’t let go of infant baptism?

    Rome believes in the Trinity. So do we.
    Rome believes in creation ex nihilo. So do we.
    Rome believes in 6 day creation. So do some of us.
    Rome believes in the virgin birth. So do we.
    Rome believes in Jesus sinless life, resurrection, etc.
    Ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

    The reason we believe in infant baptism is that it is Biblical.

    • larrywalkeriii says:

      Maybe I misstated. I would say that in many cases, such as my own, I was Baptistic primarily because of what I had been taught to believe presuppositionally. I had presuppositions that lead me to believe in immersion, and only believer’s baptism.

      Also, I definitely do not support the Popery stuff. I believe it is ridiculous as well. I just read the book from a Reformed Baptist to hear his perspective. It is a pretty common Baptist argument, one that I at one time might have agreed with. I read both arguments from as dogmatic a proponent of either side that I could find. I agree that it would not make sense that they were rejecting all of Rome’s trappings but baptism,, and I certainly see now the Biblical support for infant baptism.

      Thanks for Commenting!

  2. BradleyT says:

    So when can we get your boys on the schedule?

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