Christian, why do you do what you do?

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

“The great nineteenth-century preacher Charles Spurgeon [tells] the story of a humble gardener who presents a bunch of carrots to his king because he so esteems and loves his sovereign. The king rewards his love with a plot of land so he can continue to bless his kingdom.

“A courtier sees this and thinks, ‘An acre of land for a bunch of carrots–what a deal!’ So the next day the courtier presents the king with a magnificent horse. The wise king, discerning his heart, simply accepts the gift with a ‘thank you.’

“When the courtier is disconsolate, the king explains, ‘The gardener gave me the carrots, but you have given yourself the horse. You gave not for love of me but for love of yourself in the hope of a reward.’

“Are you feeding the hungry or are you feeding yourself? asks Spurgeon. Are you clothing the naked or are you seeking your own reward? Are you serving God or serving yourself?

“The Bible talks often of reward, but that reward is God himself — the joy of knowing and pleasing the God we love and in whom we delight.”


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